Top 10 Barber Shops In Nashville 

Are you looking for some of the best barber shops in Nashville? Where can you make yourself look gorgeous? I got you; in this guide, I will share the updated list of expert barber shops where you can get your best haircut and trim beard.

Many barber shops are in Nashville, so finding the best one might seem challenging for newcomers. Getting peace of mind is crucial; you will only get peace if you have the right barber. 

There is no shortage of expert barbers in Nashville, TN; they charge a bit more than others, but you will never regret visiting them. 

Nonetheless, I feel like smart pants because many men’s hair cutters are hitting my mind. But after refining a few of them, I have only shared the top-of-line barbers that will meet your expectations.

Grab a coffee, and find out which barber suits you best.

1- Scout’s Barber Shop

scout's barber shop

The first is the Scout’s barber shop. The town has many branches, but the one in The Gulch Neighborhood is notable. 

The vintage look, clean environment, and fast service make Scout’s Barbershop ahead of others. Just show the barber a picture of your ideal, and she will make an exact copy on your head. 

The prices are also reasonable compared to other barbers in the town. For long hair, they charge $44, $32 for short hair and $24 for kids. Whereas for razor shave, they charge $35 (including face massage). 

You can pre-book their service, reserve your slot, and save your time. Here is their website where you can book your seat. Even though the appointment is not necessary, pre-booking will save you time. 

2- The Moose Men’s Grooming Lounge 

moose men's grooming shop

This place is full of amenities; one step inside, and you will be welcomed with a classical ambiance, whiskey, craft beers, and a cigar room. I can bet you will never get bored. 

The staff is very friendly and does fun gossip with customers to entertain them. Also, the team is very professional and will cut the hair as you tell them. 

Jason was the man! He was a nice personality; he paid meticulous attention to detail and took time to understand my preferences before starting. 

It is good to know that you can also bring their exclusive products to your home. Their grooming products work best. There is a small bump in the prices: tailored cut costs $55, bread trim for $30, and razor shave for $55. 

Overall, The Moose offers the best experience and feels more like a welcoming community than just a barbershop. 

3- Bowtie Barber Club

 Bowtie Barber Club
Credit: @ bowtiebarberclub

Bowtie Barber is located on Old Lebanon Road, 37214, and It has a very laid-back environment; you will get the pace of mind here.

Ruth Ann is a very professional and talented personality, friendly as well. She will also guide you to get the best look, and I suggest you take their advice for a more grooming look. 

If you’re looking to book an appointment, you can do so; you don’t need to do it online. Call 901-466-8825 this number, and Jamie will pick up the call and book your slot. 

They have a cozy sitting area and a couple of delicious drinks, so kick back and relax your mind for some time. Grab the TV remote and play your favorite show, or play one of the guitars displayed on the wall. 

Besides all the entertainment facilities, the hair style service at Bowtie Barber Club is just wow. In particular, this shop is famous for classic men’s haircuts. You can also judge the talent of barbers by their reviews at Google. 

Nonetheless, the prices seem similar to those of other barbershops. Pay $75, and you will get a classic hair cut, shampoo with a full face, straight razor shave, and hot towels. 

4- Beverly’s Of Nashville Barbershop 

Beverly’s Of Nashville Barbershop 

Beverly’s aims to provide an unforgettable experience to each customer; here, you will feel like a homie. Their products are so premium and instantly improve your look.

There is ample space for sitting, but not many amenities to get the entertainment. But the services are top-notch. 

You can also get hair color service, gloss, certain chemistry treatments, blow dry, and highlights along with the haircuts. The team of experts is always there to treat you well. I greatly respect Beverly Epps, and she has so much experience in barber services. 

Once you visit Beverly’s shop, you will never be disappointed. It was a fantastic old-school experience and laid-back atmosphere. 

You can also get their products to make your hair like a queen. Men will also get the best hair; they have dedicated workers for men’s hairstyles. Call them to the bookshop slot now. 

5- Collins And Co Barbershop 

Collins And Co Barbershop 

Collins & Co. is a huge barber shop that always remains busy, and they only accept a customer who comes via appointment. The standard of this shop is at the top level; the ambience is so cozy and modern. 

By the way, there is a group of expert people who are offering haircuts and other services, very friendly people and taking care of customer’s opinions and recommendations. 

Here, you will get fresh haircuts, bread trims, fades, kids’ cuts, razor shaves, steam towel treatments, and more.

The prices start from $30 for a kid’s haircut and $45 for a man’s haircut; the haircut and beard trim together cost you $60. 

I have spotted some Cardinal brand hair products on the shelf; the rest are top-notch. You can also take their products to your home. 

6- Kingpin Barber Co


At Kingpin Barber Co, you will meet with Stephen Bertram, an experienced barber who first started this business in 2015. 

Kingpin is specialized in personal grooming and haircuts. His sense of humor and mind creativity are at the sky, and he knows the finer details very well. 

With decades of experience, this man has started to create his own personal grooming products. 

You have to first get an appointment before visiting this barber shop. By the way, the Kingpin spends time with your hair to make your looks stand out. 

In the shop, you will also be offered libations for a refreshment. The environment is very casual; you will get a home vibe with Kingpin here. 

7- Hawkins Barbershop

hawkins barbershop

Want a professional haircut in a formal environment? Come to the Hawkins Barbershop, where everything begins with customer satisfaction. The gentlemen and kids get their haircuts alongside. 

What sets apart Hawkins Barbershop is their friendly staff; every member wears a blue shirt and black pants to give a professional vibe. But their work is professional, too.

Every haircut at Hawkins Barbershop seems better than the last. To avail of their services, you have to book an appointment. 

Michael Martin, the owner of this establishment, is also a stage educator here in America and has visited many countries to educate people regarding their grooming. 

This barber shop is not recommended for fancy hair cutting; the barbers here do fade and taper haircuts very well. No matter what type of hair you have, their hair cream will make your hair smooth and straight.

The prices are a little steep; they charge $75 for new client hair cut and $45 for buzz kids. 

8- Family Barber Shop

Family Barber Shop

The Family Barber shop is nested on 107 28th Avenue North, Nashville. Patty here is the maven who is so precise in his work. I recommend you bring a picture of the desired haircut, show it to Patty, and he will make you like that. 

I love the tropical vibes; the botanic makes this shop look natural. Just breathe positive vibes and wait for your grooming. 

There is ample space for parking; you can bring your vehicle to the shop. With a $16 haircut price, this old-school barber shop is thriving. 

Also, the good thing is you don’t need to book an appointment for this barber. If you get exhausted with online booking, don’t worry; this Family Barber Shop is made for you.  

9- Black Heart Barber Company

black heart

The Black Heart Barber Company is the best men’s haircut spot in Nashville. Ryan here is the most experienced barber and truly master of his craft. 

The seating is cozy and comfortable, and the shop has a vintage ambiance. Decorative walls, black theme vibes, and soft lighting adorn this barber shop much. 

To get the ease and save your time, book and pay online. The shop remains busy on weekends; always book your seat earlier to avoid delays. 

You don’t need to worry about your hair at this barber because you are now in safe hands. The dudes here will always send you back home with happiness and satisfaction.

10- Razorsharp Barbershop

Razorsharp Barbershop

Want Caribbean-style haircuts? Come to the Razorsharp barbershop. This one is a small barber shop with a satisfying customer experience. There are four chairs, so you don’t need to wait too long for your turn. 

I can bet you for their top-notch haircut services because the barbers here are flair in their art. Their prices are also competitive with other barber shops in Nashville. Just $30 for a regular haircut and $45 for hair and beard trim.

If you’re a fan of fade cutting, ask Thomas to do that. He is like a pro in fade cutting. 

Rest, the atmosphere is so laid back, the barbers are very friendly and talk nicely. A haircut chart is also on the wall, so you can select your favorite one. But I suggest you bring the photo on your phone. 

You can catch some snacks and drinks through the vending machine at the shop. 

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