Best Bars In Printers Alley Nashville [Latest Guide]

The Printer’s Alley is famous for its exhilarating nightlife, vintage-style bars, classical live music, traditional nightlife, and amicable atmosphere. 

You will experience a lifelong local vibe there. Printer’s Alley features different bars with many traditional amenities. 

In this guide, I will mention some of the best bars to visit in Printer’s Alley. These bars will provide a mouthwatering food menu, splashing drinks, beers, live music, parties, and more fun. 

It just takes 20 minutes to walk from Broadway to reach Printer’s Alley, and this is a place for individuals who want to experience the old culture of Nashville and spend some quality time in the bars. 

From Midtown, you can hop in a cab or Uber to get to Printer’s Alley and relax in its cozy bars.

Here, you can also check the best bars in Midtown Nashville. 

Best Bars In Printers Alley Nashville

1- Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar

Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar

Whether you’re a food enthusiast or a true devotee of music, The Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar is the best spot to hang out with friends. 

This bar has an electric environment; everyone is very energetic, and the live music pumps blood. People appreciated the vibrant vibes of the bar. 

If you’re exhausted from the hustle and bustle of Broadway, come to this bar, not too crowded and has an extensive food menu to enjoy.

You can also participate in dance parties in the bar and create some of the most memorable moments of your life.

Foodies! Must try their alligator bites and fried pickles; you will be amazed by the taste. But people usually complain about the price of drinks. If your only concern is the beverage, you should opt for other bars. 

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2- Fleet Street Pub

Fleet Street Pub

The Fleet Street Pub is located right in the heart of Printer’s Alley.

British food and beer are the main highlights of this bar. This bar has a laid-back atmosphere where you can relax and chill. 

There is no better bar in Printer’s Alley if you want to avoid crowds and enjoy live music in a peaceful environment.

You will definitely appreciate the cordial staff, especially the bartender, who is a very nice person. 

Here, whiskey connoisseurs find the best English taste, and there are over 14 beers on draught, mostly with British taste.

Heads Up! Parking is very expensive near the bar, so it’s a better suggestion not to bring a car to the bar. 

3- Skull’s Rainbow Room

Skull's Rainbow Room

As the name suggests, this bar has colorful vibes and a true American ambiance. The burlesque show hits every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, highly recommended for entertainment buffs.

This bar offers live Jazz on every single night of the week. The virtuoso creates a delightful atmosphere and represents the Nashville’s love for music. 

Rack of Lamb with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Pork Chop Entree are worth food items to try on this bar. 

This bar is a little bit busier than other bars on Printer’s Alley, so if you love enthusiastic crowds, Cabaret, and burlesque shows, this is a must-see bar for you. 

4- Alley Taps

Alley Taps

The vintage vibes are the adornment of this bar. It offers all amenities, including the best food, drinks, and live Nashville music. Even though the lounge seems rough, it’s the best spot to calm and chill. 

On weekends, the bar is busy, but on the rest of the days, it is spacious; you can sip some classical drinks or local beer. 

Reach the bar if you want to enjoy the live music at Alley Taps; the live music starts at 6:00 PM every evening. Some Nashvillean rising stars are always there to show their emerging talent. 

Overall, Allay Taps is a worthwhile bar in Printer Alley; the staff is very hospitable, and the atmosphere is friendly, too. 

5- Snitch


You can easily find this bar while strolling on Printer Alley. The Snitch has a pristine atmosphere and a small bar but gratifying vibes. You can chill here with the special cocktails and other beverages. 

On weekends, the lounge gets packed with vigorous people, and everybody dances upbeat, enjoying drinks and cheering up. Love the flair bartender, savvy personality, and every entertaining person. 

I suggest this bar if you want to enjoy divine cocktails with delightful music. The prices of drinks are fair compared to other bars on Printer Alley. Sadly to say, there are no major appetizers to satisfy hunger. 

6- Legendairy Milkshake Bar

Legendairy Milkshake Bar
Legendairy Milkshake Bar juice

If you’re hanging with kids or family on Printers Alley, visit the Legendary Milkshake Bar. The presentation, flavor, and quality of milkshakes are exceptional. 

You can also try their cheesecakes that melt in your mouth. Their every signature shake is worth trying.

My favorite one is Majestic Unicorn and Death by Chocolate; both are unique and notable shakes. 

If you’re a foodie and must participate in the Gallon Challenge, you have to consume 8 signature legendary milkshakes in one hour to win a $50 gift card. You can also enjoy ice cream and dessert. 

There is no live music in the bar; they play music on speakers. Overall, this is a pleasant spot in Printer’s Alley to hang out with your family and kids. 

7- The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar

The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar

Are you looking for the best printer Alley bar with dueling pianos and delightful country music? The Big Band Dueling Piano Bar is the ideal spot to get all these amenities. 

Thankfully, music is based entirely on audience request, so every night brings new fun. Dance fanatics will surely find this bar a special place, with a laid-back atmosphere where you can make noteworthy moments of your life. 

The staff is very energetic and friendly. People love the Apple Pie there, and you can also consume ice creams along with beverages.

Overall, the positive ambiance of the bar makes the mood optimistic; it is a highly recommended place to celebrate and party. 

8- The Countrypolitan Bar & Kitchen

The Countrypolitan Bar & Kitchen

The fine dining meals, exquisite drinks, and catchy music are what you can expect in a Countrypolitan Bar & Kitchen. Just love their cozy sitting area, a very modern and pleasant environment to relax and enjoy. 

You will experience contemporary vibes at this bar, and the high ceilings make the bar breathtaking. Especially at night, the colorful ambiance and lighting create a charming atmosphere. 

At this bar, you will find an extensive local food menu; this is not just a bar. You can also enjoy breakfast there. Also, the bartender makes amazing drinks, and their cocktails are worth trying. 

Some of the notable and expert musicians come to this bar, so that you can expect amazing performances and music. 

9- Lonnie’s Western Room

Lonnie's Western Room

The Lonnie’s Western Room is a late-night bar on Printer’s Alley, the best spot to spend some quality time with loved ones. The romantic songs, tasty drinks, and cheerful vibes will develop intimacy among people. 

It is not too crowded, so if you are exhausted from the bustling life of Nashville, visit this bar. The bar provides the best Karaoke entertainment at night, and there is also hip-hop and rock music on some nights. 

Unfortunately, there is no food, but the drinks are really amazing. Unlike other bars here, you will find easy parking spots near the bar. 

10- Bobby Hotel Rooftop Lounge

Bobby Hotel Rooftop Lounge

When it comes to open-air bars, the Bobby Hotel Rooftop Lounge is the best bet. The rooftop dining is very cool, nice, and a cozy sitting area. Unlike the other Printer’s Alley bars, this one has a unique ambiance. 

There is a diverse food selection, especially cocktails, which are delectable; here, you can savor every last morsel of food with live music. 

The pool on a rooftop gives a unique vibe; you can chill alongside the pool during the day. A full bus on the rooftop is really worth seeing, and you can take pictures with it. 

At the rooftop of this bar, you can savor the dazzling view of Printer Alley while Union Street stretches out on the opposite side. 

Tips for a Great Night Out In Printer’s Alley

Printer Alley is not just a street. It’s a place of feeling, vintage vibes, and a bar hub. I have shared some of the valuable tips for a great night out in Printer’s Alley. 

  • If you’re going to enjoy live music in bars, first check out the schedules of live music and events. You can follow the instagram pages of bars or visit their site to check schedules. 
  • On weekends, the Printer’s Alley gets too busy, so try to arrive earlier. 
  • Each bar in Printer’s Alley often has its signature drinks or cocktails. Don’t hesitate to ask the bartender for their recommendations or try the house specialties for a unique taste of the area’s nightlife.
  • The nightlife of Printer Alley is worth seeing, so come in the evening time to see the vibrant and historical vibes of the street. 
  • Don’t miss the burlesque show at Skull’s Rainbow Room.

3 Best Hotels To Stay On Printer Alley

1- Hotel Indigo Nashville

Hotel Indigo Nashville

The Hotel Indigo Nashville has a heritage location, and the local Printer’s Alley nightlight is the infant. This Hotel has a very pleasant environment, and the printer-themed lobby is the main attraction. 

Rooms are very clean and elegant. There is also a bar area, which is stunning, and the live music makes it even better. 

Whether you’re traveling solo, with a partner, or as a family, you can reserve a room at this Hotel for a peaceful and tranquil evening, ensuring a serene night ahead.

2- Bobby Hotel

Bobby Hotel

At Bobby Hotel, you have all the amenities that a high-standard hotel offers; it has a stunning pool, cafe, bar, parking, wifi, clean rooms, rooftop lounge, and more. 

The Hotel has a calm environment; if you’re getting tired of a busy downtime life, you can book this Hotel to relax. 

3- Dream Nashville – Part of Hyatt

Dream Nashville - Part of Hyatt

This Hotel exudes a luxurious atmosphere with deep blue hues everywhere. The lounge is incredibly inviting, and the rooms are impeccably clean. 

Even though there is no pool or gym, the food and drinks are awesome in the Hotel. Also, it’s far away from the bustling life of Broadway, so that you can find it a bit quiet and relaxing. 

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