7 Best Jazz Bar In Nashville – Live Jazz Music

Nashville has a rich music history, and every single bar showcases live music performances in different styles, including piano and Jazz. 

The Jazz lovers in Nashville always ask about the best Jazz bar. There is a diverse array of bars offering live Jazz music performances. Whether you’re roaming around downtown or strolling in midtown streets, you will find many jazz bars around you.  

However, not every jazz joint in town offers fair prices, delightful libations, scrumptious food, and a cozy atmosphere.

Being a Nashville home-grown, I have discovered a few inclusive bars offering amazing jazz performances, chill vibes, and scrumptious food. 

Best Jazz Bar In Nashville

1- Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar

Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar

This bar is the best in the town, located on Printer’s Alley. The Mardi Gras theme makes the bar look very fancy. Just like the vibrant atmosphere, the crowd itself is very vibrant and energetic. 

If you’re a nightlife lover, visit this bar on weekend nights; the true virtuosos will relax your soul with their top-notch music skills. 

And yes! Jazz lovers will also find epic beats in the bar. 

This jazz bar is not only famous for musical nights, but real food is also a highlighted amenity of the bar. You can try their snacks, sandwiches, and signature drinks to feed your stomach. 

2- Rudy’s Jazz Room

Rudy's Jazz Room 2
Rudy's Jazz Room

Rudy’s Jazz Room is my favorite spot to enjoy jazz music with old-fashioned vibes. 

When you step inside the bar, you’ll feel like you’re entering a whole new world. The dimly lit room, the 1920s vibes, and the vibrant ambiance will make you feel energized.

They conduct live Jazz music shows every weekend night, and along with the music, you can catch their signature drinks and fabulous food. Even though they have an extensive food menu, don’t forget to try gumbo, their famous dish, and a worthwhile option for foodies. 

Rest, their staff is very friendly, immediately serves drinks and food, and the bartender is kind-hearted personality. 

3- Americano Lounge

Americano Lounge drink
Americano Lounge drink

The American Lounge is not only a bar but the best coffee shop in the town. If you want to relish the real jazz music in a homely atmosphere, come to this lounge. 

There are jazz nights on weekends; you can check their instagram for the next jazz event.

From their breakfast to Bruch and all the way to cocktails and Jazz, Americano Lounge has all the amenities. 

On top of that, their cozy sofas and well-lit ambiance make the bar the best spot to relieve your back and spine. Also, you can bring a laptop here to do some work. 

Besides the coffee, don’t forget to try splashing drinks in this speakeasy. Minors and teens can also visit this bar to spend some quality time and hang out with friends.

4- Sambuca


The Sambuca is the best jazz bar to savor the modern vibes and stunning jazz music. The bar is known for its fabulous food menu and contemporary ambiance, especially its desserts, which are just divine. 

Unlike other Downtown bars, the Sambuca has a tranquil environment; if you’re exhausted from busting Downtown life, this lounge is the ultimate place to kick back and unwind.

The Jazz groups mostly come there to entertain the folks; even most of the talented musicians of the town come to this lounge. Further, the view from the top floor is alluring. 

They have a dance floor, too; couples can dance there to create the best moments of their life.  

5- The 5 Spot

The 5 Spot

When it comes to dance, energetic parties, and Jazz music, “The 5 Spot” comes on the top. The club lighting, dance floor, amazing music, and drinks are the key highlights of this bar. 

Come early in the evening to get the best seat in this bar, mostly on nights this bar gets very busy. This jazz bar is compact, and you will hardly get a reservation here on weekend nights. 

If you’re craving food, don’t come to this bar; they have a few items to eat on the menu. However, when it comes to drinks, they do a good job, even though the options are somewhat limited.

Overall, The 5 Spot is the best pub to enjoy jazz music, parties, and dancing under club lights. 

6- The Station Inn

The Station Inn

The Station Inn is a true gem for blues and jazz lovers. This small pub offers an amazing live music experience, which is hard to find elsewhere. 

You will find the bar very neat and clean; all the amenities are there. I love their wide tables and cozy sitting. On weekend nights, you find this bar a bit bust, but it’s truly the best spot to immerse yourself in music. 

Keep in mind that it’s a cash-only establishment, so be prepared. This bar is also a haven for food enthusiasts. Don’t forget to indulge in their famous pizza; it remains my all-time favorite in town.

Thankfully, the food prices in this bar are very reasonable, and drinks and beers are cheap, too. 

7- Tennessee Brew Works

Tennessee Brew Works

Tennessee Brew Works is a must-visit gem for beer enthusiasts in Nashville; this establishment is nested on Ewing Ave, near Division Street. 

Here, you will find a diverse selection of craft beers that cater to every palate. From hoppy IPAs to cider and refreshing lagers, their brews are consistently impressive.

The bar has expansive space and an outdoor patio, making it easy to find the best spot to hang out. Also, their food items are so impressive, especially the bar is a haven for carnivores. 

Along with their spicy food, you can enjoy jazz music. For the next live Jazz, keep checking their website. I have found that jazz bands usually come on Saturday nights and play very refreshing beats. 

Final Thoughts 

Nashville is a musical country; here, you will encounter the best jazz bars offering all amenities. Most bars have laid-back environments to kick back and relax. 

Along with enjoying Jazz music, catch a few drinks and snacks and step on the dance floor to truly embrace the Nashville experience.

Nashville is all about entertainment, fun, and music, so if you’re mapping out a Nashville trip, don’t forget to add jazz bars to the bucket. 

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