Is Downtown Nashville Safe In 2024?

You might have heard of different crimes in Nashville, TN. This is a busy place where people come from different regions of the globe. 

If you’re planning to move to Nashville, the first question that hits your mind is which place in Nashville is the most safe. 

People love to live Downtown because of its major attractions, vibrant nightlife, luxurious amenities, and quality of life. But is Downtown Nashville safe to live?

I’m a lifelong local here in Nashville; honestly speaking, this place is safe and sound. Even though you will suspect some suspicious individuals due to strict laws, no one can indulge in criminal activities. 

Downtown Nashville Safety Standards And Crime Rate

Downtown Nashville Safety

Downtown Nashville is safe to live in. Thankfully, the law enforcement always remains active here. As some major tourist attractions are nested in Downtown Nashville, and the area always remains busy, security standards are higher here in Downtown. 

I think you shouldn’t judge the overall safety of the town by only a few suspicious activities. The lawbreaking individuals are everywhere; the few spots in Nashville are unsafe. 

But the real consideration is the safety standards. The government has established strict rules here to avoid criminal activities. 

Now, let’s move the crime rate.

The rate of violent crime in Nashville saw a 4.7% increase in 2022, but the majority was out of Downtown. Downtown is the main tourist spot, a well-lit place where police patrol and look for unlawful conduct. 

I have seen true peace of mind on the face of every tourist strolling Downtown streets. So you don’t need to worry at all. Downtown Nashville is sound and safe and the best place to live in Nashville. 

Safety Measure In Downtown Nashville 

Downtown Nashville has got some of the stick safety measures. The presence of police and strategic patrols prevent crimes. 

You will also encounter a few cops in front of famous night zones, bars, and restaurants. Police presence in Downtown is the major sign of peace in the town. 

In Downtown Nashville, things are way tighter on the safety front than before. Gotta give props to the government – they’ve rolled out some top-notch tech to amp up security.

Now every folk in Downtown is in the eye of security cameras. If anyone looks like they’re up to some shady business, the cops swoop in pronto. It’s like they’ve got their eyes everywhere now!

There are also strict laws regarding drinking on the streets of Nashville. It’s your ethical responsibility to respect all such laws. 

Some Of The Safety Tips That You Must Consider Before Moving To Downtown Nashville 

Safety Tips downtown nashville

You shouldn’t rely on the cops and the Nashville police department. Even though they are doing a great job nowadays, everything can still happen with travelers. 

Don’t be like a feather in the wind! Keep your eyes open; always notice your surroundings. And tightly hold your essentials while walking on the alleys and sidewalks. 

Here are some safety tips you should follow before moving to this music city, especially Downtown. 

  • First of all, always be aware of your surroundings. Especially if you’re traveling on public transport, check your wallets, phone, and other essentials after leaving the bus, cafe, or restaurant. 
  •  It’s advisable to not leave your essentials at hotels.
  •  Park your car in a safe location. Always lock your car after parking. Car theft is one of the major crimes in Nashville. 
  •  If you have put your phone and cash in a purse, hold it firmly in your hands. I suggest you put your phone and cash in your jeans pockets. 
  •  Be aware of strangers, especially those who want to start a conversation with you. 
  •  Always go for a well-lit and secure accommodation. Before booking, a hotel must check its reviews on Google. 
  •  If you’re new in Nashville and want to explore the nightlife, I suggest you hangout with your friends. 

Common Scams In Nashville That You Should Be Aware Of

Scams In Nashville

Scammers are everywhere, especially in Nashville. They are very skillful and can easily fool you. So, always avoid even falling into their trap. 

Being a native, I have seen many innocent people get scammed, and they even don’t have further justification. 

Car Renting Scam:

Imagine if someone rents you a car in Nashville; the car currently has zero technical issues. But some technical fault occurs when you drive that car for a few miles. The owner, who is mostly a scammer, will levy a hefty price on you that will give you pause. 

Such scams happen mostly here in Nashville. The innocent faces often become the victims. I think the fault is yours, why you’re going to unauthorized or non-authentic dealers. 

Likewise, there are many such scams in Nashville, so always keep your eyes on the things, always do legal activities, and don’t deal with any illegal or non-registered company. 

You can use online services to rent a car, like rental cars, Bikesbooking, etc. 

Fake Tickets Scam 

In Nashville, there’s no shortage of cool bars and happening nightspots. Newbies are always eager to check out the liveliest spots, and sometimes they’re so pumped that they forget the nitty-gritty of scoring tickets. Unfortunately, a few slip-ups can lead them right into a scam.

So it’s always recommended to buy tickets from the official source. Many online scammers are sitting behind the computers to sell fake tickets, so be aware. 


Don’t trust too much on anyone. As I have told you earlier, avoid people who forcefully want to talk with you because such a person can steal your pockets and purse. 

Pickpocketing is one of the dominating crimes in Nashville. This crime is even easy to do at busy spots, bars, and cafes. 

People often drink too much and lose their conciseness, and pickpockets see them as easy targets. So first, I suggest you do not drink too heavily, and secondly, hold your purse tightly while walking on the streets. 

Some Areas That You Should Avoid In Nashville?

Nashville’s pretty chill overall, but like any city, there are spots you might wanna skip. Stick to the bustling areas like Downtown, Midtown, Hillsboro Village, the Gulch, and Music Valley – those are your safest bets.

But there are some suburbs that you have to avoid visiting. These include Osage-North Fisk, Cleveland Park, Haynes area, Talbot’s Corner, Handley Park, Woodycrest, and Southside. 

Why You Should Consider Downtown In Nashville?

There are many vibrant attractions in Nashville, but at last, why should you go Downtown? 

Like every city has a famous central hub, Downtown is the heart of Nashville. From vibrant nightlife and bars to diverse food options and renowned music venues, this area is worth living. 

On top of that, the famous Broadways street is also in Downtown. I bet you’ve never seen the radiant street like Broadway anywhere else. You will find a lot of bars along this street. 

Downtown has endless entertainment. Plus, the friendly people, trendy boutiques, a plethora of entertainment options, and chic atmosphere will always insist you stay Downtown. 

Even though Broadway has a bustling life here, you’ll need to shell out more cash. As the Downtown is a main tourist spot, everything here is more expensive than other city regions. 

In a nutshell, if you’re an affluent person, don’t go anywhere else than Downtown Nashville. It’s safe and full of entertainment and amenities. 

Other Safe Neighborhoods In Nashville

Nashville has many neighborhoods, but only a few offer upscale experience. Safety is The first thing you should consider before going to any neighborhood. 

Here are some other safest Neighborhoods in Nashville that you can also consider. 

1- The Gulch 

The Gulch is another safe area to live in Nashville. It’s known for its trendy hotels, restaurants, and wide streets. There are many bars, music venues, and best food hubs. Also, I love the Gulch as it’s cheaper than the Downtown. 

2- Germantown 

Germantown is the most beautiful neighborhood in Nashville. And yes, it’s safe as well. This neighborhood has a deep history and vibrant atmosphere. Here, you will mostly find 19th-century Victorian buildings and homes. 

3- Belmont–Hillsboro

If you’re looking for an affordable place in Nashville, Belmont-Hillsboro is the best place to live. The music row is very close to this neighborhood. There is also a famous Belmont University and other educational institutes, so this area is very safe for living. 

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