Top Spots for Nashville Boot Shopping: Unearth the Perfect Cowboy Boot

Nashville is a bustling place filled with traditional and deep cultural values. In Nashville, you will stumble upon many boot shops from where you can get shoes of your desire. 

I have lived in Nashville since childhood, and we have seen people often prefer to wear cowboy shoes. The cowboy get-up is a tradition of Westerns, and people always love it. 

Besides getting cowboy shoes, you will find all kinds of boots there. Prices of boots might vary; in Downtown, the prices are fairly high. But in East Nashville and Midtown, a couple of boot shops offer affordable prices. 

So, let’s dive into some of the best places to buy boots in Nashville, TN. 

1- Goodbuy Girls

Goodbuy Girls

For women, this place is a haven, established in 2010 and recognized for its vintage cowgirl boots. The Goodbye Girls is nested on 1108 Woodland Street, East Nashville. 

You will also find some old fashion dresses here with the vintage cowboy boots. The quality of the boots is so premium, and prices are also reasonable. If you have a souvenir collection, you will find this shop a gem; you can collect many local items. 

You can also visit their website for online shopping. I’m leaving the link to their website so you can quickly overview their showcases. visit

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2- Asphalt Beach

Asphalt Beach

If you’re looking for skating boots, Asphalt Beach is the best shop to visit. They have a wide array of boot collections to choose from, plus they offer custom services to fix skating boots. 

The shop owner, Steve, is a professional skater, a big connoisseur of skating boots. Besides boots, here you will find different skating gear and clothes.

Love the staff; they treat the customer well and warmly and help you get the best size. 

3- Hip Zipper Vintage

Hip Zipper Vintage

The Hip Zipper Vintage is located at 1008 Forest Ave, East Nashville. This shop is a hub of all vintage and old-fashion items; whether you’re looking for heel shoes, leather shoes, sandals, cowboy boots, or men’s shoes, this establishment has covered you all.  

Step into the store, and you will enter an old 1920s shop where everything seems so vintage.

The shop owner, Trisha, is a charming lady who knows about fashion, and she is kind and reads very well. 

In the shop, you may overwhelmed because of the extensive collection and premium quality. You can also get the dresses from Hip Zipper Vintage. 

4- French’s Shoes & Boots

French's Shoes & Boots

The French’s shoes and boots have a mixed collection of modern and vintage boots. This shop has a huge collection of cowboy boots for both men and females. 

If you want modern shoes, just go upstairs, and you will find better options. Remember that modern style shoes are pretty expensive compared to vintage boots. Their leather sandals are also famous because of their comfortable soles. 

Thankfully, the kids can get the best sizes there and have cute cowboy shoes. 

5- Rack Room Shoes

 Rack Room Shoes

The Rack Room Shoes is the ultimate shop for boot lovers. They have some unique and exclusive cowboy boots and leather shoes. 

A big plus is their prices; the budget-friendly prices will let you shop for a couple of boot pairs from them. Even though a few people also questioned their quality, overall, their shoes have solid build-in quality. 

You can also catch tennis shoes, athletes shoes, and church shoes. The staff is very friendly, especially the cashier, who is nice and quick.

You will always find fresh inventory here, so if you love modern and sleek boots, the Rack Room Shoes is a must-visit shop. 



Rooted is a very clean, modern shoe shop on Hermitage Avenue, Nashville. People who love sneakers the most will find this shop a heaven. Running shoes are also available in this shop. 

Heads Up! This shop doesn’t hold any vintage collection of boots; here, you will only find modern sneakers. 

Comfortable shoes are crucial to explore the Nashville streets, and you will only get the comfy shoes from Rooted. The good news is you can also visit their website for online shopping. 

The staff seems knowledgeable, knows what you want, and helps get the best fit. 

7- Boot Barn

Boot Barn

In the realm of shoe retail in Nashville, Boot Barn reigns supreme. This store proudly displays a collection of iconic Western boots that truly showcase the craftsmanship of American artisans. 

There is a separate section for both men and women, and the store’s layout is well-organized and looks modern. You can easily find your pair of shoes while strolling in the shop. 

Along with premium western footwear, the Boot Barn also offers other western gear. You can shop for unique fur and leather jackets, hats, sweaters, and more. Besides the superb selection of boots, the staff is friendly and gently speaks with you. 

If you’re a true fan of Western culture, I recommend visiting this shop on Broadway, Nashville. 

8- Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops

If you’re planning an adventure in Nashville and want some exclusive boots for your journey, I suggest you visit Bass Pro Shops.

Recently, we mapped out a trip to explore Radnor Lake State Park, and we got all of our hiking boots and other gear from Bass Pro Shops. They have everything in one store, so you don’t need to do anywhere else. And their prices are negotiable too. 

I love the wild theme of the store, and the environment is clean, too. The staff is very friendly and gives you honest advice while shopping. At last, I recommend you to visit Bass Pro Shop to fulfill all your outdoor needs. 

9- Lucchese Bootmaker

The Lucchese Bootmaker has some of the best boots; their unique western-style cowboy boots attract every eye. They use pure leather to craft premium boots and other products. 

To satisfy the customer demands, they design different patterns and varieties. Each pair of boots on the ship is a true work of art; you can feel the quality and attention to detail with every step. 

Final Thoughts 

Nashville is famous for cowboy get-ups, so if you’re in the town, you must grab a pair of boots. The old-fashioned boots are expensive though, but they last longer. 

Besides cowboy boots, many shoe varieties are available in Nashville. I have mentioned the top spots from where you can get premium-quality boots.

I hope you have liked this guide. Thanks!

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