14 Things To Do In Nashville: Ultimate Nashville Guide!

Nashville is a bustling city in Tennessee, characterized by its top-notch country music, food, broadway streets, hot chicken, and vibrant nightlife. 

 Indeed, Nashville is a dream destination for all traveling buffs. If you’re mapping a trip to Nashville, you’re in luck. Pack heavier because you will visit the thriving metropolis in the TN. 

There are many things to do in Nashville, and you must be prepared to relish the real lifetime moments. 

By the way, I’m Amelia, a Nashville resident. I’m familiar with how to spend quality time in Nashville, TN, what to do here, where to eat, and more. 

So grab a cup of coffee, and let’s map out your trip together. 

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Nashville Packing Tips

Nashville Packing Tips

First and foremost, prepare your luggage. 👜

Nashville is a central tourist spot; shopping here will be expensive. So don’t forget to prepare yourself. Grab a pen and a paper and list all the essential items to pack. 

Pack a few pairs of seasonal clothes, cowboy boots, toiletries, documents, sandals, and other essentials. 

If you’re a solo traveler, one big suitcase and a carry-on is enough for a week trip. You can also go for packing cubes for more organized and managed packing. And if you’re traveling along with family, then pack accordingly. 

Don’t don’t need to overpack. I know carrying bulky bags is too much of a headache. Nonetheless, pack only essential items to avoid any hassles. 

Here is the complete packing list for Nashville. 

What To Wear In Nashville

draper james

If you’re a fashion enthusiast like me, your top priority will always be your outfits. 

Let me be clear, no one in Nashville will ever judge you. There is always a teeming of people, and everyone enjoys it at their best. But I know it’s your dream to stand out in the city. 

People in Nashville prefer cowboy outfits, and this old-fashioned western attire is a citywide craze. Just wear cowboy boots, hats, sunglasses, shorts, shirtdress, button-ups, sundresses, or midi dresses. 

While wearing a dress, you have to keep comfort and seasonality in mind.

However, in bars, there is no strict dress code; you’re free to dress up casually. No formal dressing is required to enter the bars. Only 5-star restaurants won’t allow shorts, trainers, or sportswear. 

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Where To Stay In Nashville


After packing, the next big headache is finding the best hotel in Nashville. The city is full of hotels, Airbnb, and hostels; based on your preferences, you can book a suitable one. 

But folks always prefer budget-friendly options; most readers want to enjoy without breaking bank accounts. That’s why I have shared some affordable spots to stay in Nashville. 

Usually, I prefer Downtown, The Gulch, East Nashville, and Germantown; these neighborhoods in Nashville offer upscale experiences with top-class entertainment. 

Best Hotels To Stay For Family 

You must book the entire apartment or two rooms if you’re traveling with kids. Downtown and the Gulch are the perfect areas to lodge overnight. 

First, the Holston House Nashville is an ideal hotel Downtown that offers all the amenities and luxury. They offer breakfast, a pool, parking slots, free wifi, a gym, bars, laundry, and restaurants. Broadway is just 2 minutes walk from the hotel. 

The Embassy Suites is another popular hotel in Downtown Nashville. I love their rooftop patio, pristine environment, and dining hall. If you’re on a trip with your loved one, book this romantic hotel now. With the rooftop bar, you can enjoy the breathtaking views with your loved one. 

Another hotel that you can go to is Nolle; this has little vintage vibes. But overall, it offers a luxury experience. 

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Best Hotels To Stay For Solo Travelers 

Before my married life, I traveled alone a lot. And one thing that I’m sure of is that solo travelers always try their best to save money. 

Hostels are preferable for solo ventures. But if you can snag a room for a lower price, that’s also a win. 

I suggest you stay at “Days Inn”, this hotel is in Downtown, just an 8-minute walk from Broadway. The good thing is this hotel has a pool and private parking (included). 

Or, if you’re an affluent buddy, go for a Placemark Music Row; this hotel starts from $200. The top-notch outdoor pool, luxury interior, beautiful city view, kitchen, and free wifi make this a worthwhile option. 

I love Nashville so much that’s why I have also write about:

14 Things To Do In Nashville 

1- Visit The Diner Nashville 

the dinern ashville

It’s your first day in Nashville, and the first thing is to start your day with a delectable breakfast. Even though there are many breakfast restaurants Downtown, which one is the top-rated?

The Diner is one of the ultimate spots to catch the best breakfast in the town. They have several floors, and each one has a different food ambiance. 

Don’t forget to try their chicken and waffles, oysters, sushi, shrimp, and grits. The view from the top floor is worth seeing. Staff members are very friendly and kind-hearted. 

2- Take pictures With Murals

looking pretty
Credit: @ hannahdancer

Okay, After landing in Nashville, you will see many murals. Everyone wants to click photos with the best Murals. 

Overall, Nashville is very photogenic, but the colorful murals improve it. After breakfast, you can start your day by capturing upscale photos with murals

By the way, if you’re an Instagram buddy, this is a must-have thing to do. Every neighborhood represents unique imaginations via murals. But I prefer to first go to Germantown and The Gulch to find the best murals. 

Mornings are the best for snapping pics with murals; in the evening, you might have to wait your turn to get a shot.

3- Don’t Forget To Visit Martin’ Bar-B-Que Joint

Martin' Bar-B-Que Joint

Nashville is also a haven for food connoisseurs, especially regarding BBQ; the mouth starts drooling. 

In the case of BBQs, I always feel like a smarty pants since I’m in love with the Martin Bar-B-Que joint. The place is a little busy, but I can bet you will never regret visiting here. 

The ribs and the chicken, everything just fell off the bone and melted in your mouth. Also, give it a try to Mac and Cheese. Their prices are reasonable, and service is quick, too.

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4- Enjoy Live Country Music At Honky Tonk Central

If you leave Nashville without enjoying music, you miss the major part of your trip. Nashville is a city of music and a hub of talented musicians. 

Nonetheless, every bar on Downtown turns into a night party club on weekends, but the Honkey Tonk Central offers the most electrifying jazz party. 

If you want to relish the most vibrant vibes with the most energetic crowd, just come to Honey Tonk Central. This bar remains crammed on weekends, but you can easily get the spot. 

If you’re on a bachelorette trip, don’t forget to add this honky tonk to your bucket list. The bar also serves delicious food and libations. 

5- Go To Assembly Food Hall 

The Assembly food hall is not just a small restaurant; and it’s a big hall with unlimited food options. For foodies, this place is a haven. If you have got a bunch of friends, this Assembly Food hall is worth trying. 

There is ample space inside the hall, plus the great city view, which makes it even better. Here, you can savor continental, Italian, oriental, seafood, libations, fast food, and more. 

6- Rent A Bike To Explore More

Nashville is a big city, and there are many things to explore. To save time and to relax your feet from long walks, rent a bike. 

With a bike or bicycle, you can explore many neighborhoods in a few hours. In Nashville, we use B-Cycle to rent a bike. With this program, you can easily pick a bike from anywhere in the city. 

7- Explore More Through a Helicopter Tour 

Flying on Nashville was a big dream of mine, and it came true with Helicopter service in Downtown Nashville

The 15-minute ride is enough to capture the city views from a helicopter. Plus, they offer live commentary about the sights you pass and fly over.

Book The Helicopter Ride Now. 

8- Enjoy Electric Fat Tire Bike Ride With Group 

Fat Tire Bike Ride With Group 

If you’re an entertainment lover, hop on a fat tire bicycle and rook through the music city. 

If you’re in Nashville with your friends, you can book a group tour on electric cat bikes. This is the best way to explore Nashville’s best neighborhoods, snap photos with the best murals, and see the well-known spots. 

Reserve Your Spot Now For Fat Tire Bike Activity 

9- Book A Food Tour 

Book A Food Tour 

Foodies always find Nashville the best city. For a better and more guided experience, you can book a small food tour via van. 

With one van trip, you can taste different city’s food, see historical spots, culture, neighborhoods, and much more.

This is a 3-hour guided trip to see the most famous food joints in the city. You can also pack the food along with or come later to taste the food again. 

Book The Food Tour Now

10- Don’t Forget To Participate In 1-Hour Nashville Dancing Class

Must join the 1-hour Nashville dancing class and immerse yourself in the world of Western rhythm and moves. 

By the way, dancing is the best way to relieve stress. And if you’re in Nashville, you can book the 1-hour guided dancing class. The instructor will teach you various dance styles, from energetic hip-hop to graceful ballet. 

This dancing class is perfect for both newbies and experts. They will also provide a video of your dancing so you can practice it later at your home. 

Pre-Book The Dancing Class

11- Visit Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry is an iconic spot representing old country music. Top performers and some of the most talented musicians come to this place. 

May be you will meet with famous musicians on a weekend. Grand Ole Opry presents different artists at each show. You can also take some great photos in the hall. 

Book your seats in Grand Ole Opry Now

12- The Ryman Auditorium

The Ryman Auditorium

The Roman Auditorium is another famous live performance venue famous for live convert and unique architecture. Besides the live music performance, you will also be amazed at the vintage style of the auditorium. 

Many popular singer and artists have started their golden careers in this hall. 

Heads up! I will never recommend you bring your vehicle there. Walking is perfect because they’re teeming with cars on weekends. 

Book the guided Ryman Auditorium Tour. 

13- Enjoy The Bustling Life On Broadway Street


Broadway Streets is a hub of bars, food spots, vibrant nightlife, and energetic people. 

On weekends, Broadway Street has a very fast-paced environment; tunes fill the air from every side, vibrant colors come from every angle, and people look enthusiastic. 

Be prepared to enjoy Broadway; cowboy boots and a hat look great. 

14- Do Some Shopping

Opry Mills

I often prefer shopping at the end of my trip, and you should do the same. There are many shopping points in Nashville, but everything in the city has a hefty price tag. 

Before going for a shopping, top-up your credit cards, put some cash in your pockets. 

The Opry Mills, Nashville West Shopping Center, and One Bellevue Place are the famous shopping spots. Here, you will stumble upon some of the gained brands and find everything you need. 

Final Thoughts 

So, guys, I hope you find some of the best activities to enjoy in Nashville. Keep in mind that Nashville has a diverse culture and never-ending entertainment.

Always top-up your credit cards and PayPal before visiting Nashville; here, money will burn a hole in your pocket. You must spend around $150 minimum per day for a better experience and $900/week for two people. 

Nonetheless, you will never regret enjoying Nashville. Thanks!

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