12 Best Midtown Bars Nashville – Worth Visiting!

Every Nashville aficionado dreams of enjoying the vibrant nightlife of Midtown. The colorful neon lights, live music, bars, and dance parties are the adornment of Midtown Nashville. 

The Midtown is just 0.8 miles away from main Broadway, and it just takes 20 minutes of walk from Broadway to reach the Midtown. Once you’re in Midtown Nashville, the bars and nightclubs will welcome you for parties and fun.

In this article, I have mentioned must-visit bars in Midtown Nashville, which are a haven for parties, music, dance, and drinks. 

Arrive earlier to relish your time in Midtown; it’s a bustling place, and finding the best bars on holidays might be difficult due to the teeming of people. 

But I assure you the Midtown bars will give you some unforgettable moments of your life. Each bar has a different theme, vibrance, music, sports, cocktails, and experiences. 

So, let’s explore the best Midtown Nashville bars to enjoy the best time. 

Best Midtown bars Nashville

#1 Winner Bar & Grills

Winner Bar & Grills

The Winner Bar & Grills is one of the famous bars in Midtown Nashville, having all the modern amenities, live music, cocktails, alcohol, and exclusive food options. 

Their ‘Whiskey Jam’ is one of the fun events that smash every Monday around 9 pm; the virtuoso artists showcase their talents with different musical instruments to satisfy the souls. 

When it comes to parties, the Winner Bar & Grills is the pinnacle of entertainment and fun. This bar offers live music every Friday & Saturday night until 2 a.m. 

If you’re a connoisseur of beverages and alcohol, the extensive drink menu of Winner Bar & Grills will relax your taste buds. You can enjoy their ice-cold beer, cocktails, and other beverages. 

The bar is very busy during Whiskey Jam and Live music days. If you want to enjoy the peaceful and tranquil beauty of this bar, visit on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. 

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#2 Live Oak Nashville

Live Oak Nashville

If you want to enjoy live music in a peaceful environment on Music Row, you must visit the Live Oak bar. You will be pleased with their vibrant environment and comfortable sitting lounge. 

The Live Oak bar is on Demonbreun Street; if you’re on Broadway, you can reach it in a few minutes by strolling.  

On Friday, Saturday, and Monday, the bar is overcrowded, but the real fun happens on these nights. As compared to downtown bars, this place is still quiet. 

Foodies can also entertain themself with the scrumptious food of this Midtown bar, and their menu is very good and healthy.

But the real bliss is their environment; the colorful theme, mural walls, live music, people, drinks, and food make the best combination. 

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#3 Kung Fu Saloon

Kung Fu Saloon
Kung Fu Saloon bar

With dozens of amusements and extensive food options, the Kung Fu Saloon bar is the best bet for travelers.

At this Midtown bar, you can enjoy different games, including the retro arcade, which is my favorite one. They have table tennis, ping pong table, skeeball, and many video games to spend some quality time with your partner. 

I love their bartenders; they are very friendly and make awesome drinks to quench the thirst. 

Unlike the other Midtown bars, the Kung Fu Saloon has a dedicated patio area where you can relax and enjoy a fresh cocktail with fresh air and live Nashvillian music. 

With a sparse crowd, this bar is the best spot to enjoy moments with your partner. Also, don’t forget to try the private karaoke room. 

The people are pleased with their reasonable drinks prices compared to other bards in Nashville. Don’t forget to try their cheeseburger and Nashville Ninja hot chicken sandwich. 

#4 The Stillery Midtown

 The Stillery Midtown food
The Stillery Midtown

The Stillery Midtown bar is a haven for food aficionados; their splashing cocktails and delicious appetizers will make it impossible to resist the mouthwatering. 

The Stillery Midtown bar is near the Kung Fu Saloon bar. One of their branches is on 2nd Avenue, offering the same taste and experience. 

You can expect live music on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; the rest of the days are quiet and best for relaxing. 

This bar is famous for signature mason jar cocktails. Admittedly, the drinks are delectable and have very reasonable prices. 

Unlike the Kung Fu Saloon, this bar lacks games and other fun amusements.

#5 Losers Bar & Grill

Losers Bar & Grill

This bar is located on Division St., moderately busy, but has a nice rooftop view and food. The musicians are savant and play extremely well guitar if your music devotee must visit this Looser Bar & Grill. 

You can also enjoy drinks on the rooftop with a bustling view of Nashville Midtown. There are over 876 reviews of this bar on Google; people show keen love for the burgers and beverages. 

But the rooftop is very busy during the weekends, so you have to make minimal effort to find the best spot. 

One branch of this bar is located in Downtown Nashville, which is a crowded place compared to Midtown. 

I don’t recommend you to visit this bar during peak hours, due to the teeming of people it’s tough to find a spot in the bar. Also a few folks complain about the rude behavior of staff during busy hours. 

#6 Dogwood Nashville

 Dogwood Nashville
Dogwood Nashville

The Dogwood Nashville bar is small but has a very open atmosphere. Just like other bars on Division St., this one also has epic music from the 90s. 

Unlike the other bar here, you have to order yourself, so you don’t expect any waiter to order. The outdoor dining is also there to serve guests. 

Foodies should try the street tacos and the fries; the rest of the menu is also declines and reasonable. 

The bar also has some games to spend quality time with your friends and partners.

Overall, Dogwood Nashville bar has modern vibes, a decent food menu and drinks, and nice staff.

#7 The Red Door Saloon

The Red Door Saloon

The Red Door Saloon is one of the traditional bars on Davison Street, which has vibrant and overwhelming vibes. Due to the large patio and indoor seating, you can find the best spot to enjoy drinks. 

This one is a Chicago-based theme bar with an extensive selection of brews. The bartenders and security staff are very friendly and empathetic; they handle the crowd very well and make awesome drinks. 

And yes! Live music is also there to entertain you; when there is no live music, the DJ system plays music. 

The Red Door Saloon has a laid-back atmosphere during the daytime, so you can relax with your partner. At night, the bar gets crowded, but with live music, everyone feels very delighted and amused.

On top of that, the beer’s always ice cold, and they allow smoking, so you can take a drag on a cigarette with your favorite drink. 

#8 Corner Bar At Elliston Place

Corner Bar At Elliston Place

If you’re getting bored with the hustle and bustle of Nashville life and looking for a peaceful place to calm yourself, visit the Corner Bar At Elliston Place. The bar is located on Church Street, which is a less crowded place in Midtown. 

This bar has a very friendly and welcoming environment, and it’s just like your friend’s house, where you can spend some quality time with your friends. 

Sip the ice-cold beer with delightful music and friendly vibes; it all feels like a hometown bar.

Every Saturday, the band of maestro and guitarists come and entertain people with their talent.  

The Corner Bar at Elliston Place has scrumptious food options, especially their burgers, which are worth trying.

I just love their reasonable prices and very affordable food and drinks compared to other bars in Midtown. 

#9 The Patterson House 

The Patterson House 

Do you love classic cocktails and Romantic libations? The Patterson House is a go-to place to enjoy seductive cocktails. This is an old-fashioned bar in Midtown Nashville with a classical theme and ambiance. 

Nothing is better than the classical taste of beers and cocktails that energize you to explore Midtown. 

The bartender is adept and makes really awesome traditional drinks, and the staff is also very friendly and serves the drinks very well.

One Tip:
If you have a car, consider visiting the bar around 4 p.m., as Division Street tends to have a significant parking shortage. But if you’re on your feet, you can visit the bar anytime. 

#10 The Slider House

The Slider House

The Slider House has a mellow ambiance, the best place to hang out with your buddies in Midtown. You can also bring a dog to the lounge. 

The food takes center stage at this bar, and they have an extensive food menu and beverages. If you have kids, you can order from Kid’s menu, which has very delicious and healthy sliders. 

Burger connoisseurs will find a variety of burger options to try, but their slider burger is always the best bet. You can enjoy a plethora of fish, beef, and chicken meals. Even their veggie sliders are worth trying. 

Just like the other bars in Midtown, this one also has a vibrant ambiance; the live music and trivia are there, a nice friendly environment, a pet-friendly patio, and 100s of beer choices. 

#11 The Row Kitchen & Pub

 The Row Kitchen & Pub

With over 30 years of experience, the Row Kitchen & Pub bar is one of the bustling cafes in Midtown Nashville. This bar is the best match for social butterflies, especially on weekends when the bar remains very busy. 

Here, you will find some good time to enjoy Nashvillian music along with delicious southern food. 

They have over 3500+ reviews on Google, and people who love the fired pickles must try them. Also, a diverse selection of cocktails makes this bar worth visiting. 

The dark country music vibes are the glory of this bar; if you’re American, you will feel homey vibes there. There are plenty of pictures of Nashville celebrities on the walls, along with their bio. 

Thanks to the free car parking it saves a lot of time to find a suitable car parking near the bar. 

#12 Hopsmith Nashville

 Hopsmith Nashville

Hopsmith Nashville is situated right on Division Street. This vintage-style bar boasts all the features you’d anticipate from Nashville’s lively bar scene, including mouthwatering American grub, live music, and a comfortable seating area. 

In the bartender’s area, there is an eye-catching art of an old retro American car that grabs the attention of everyone.

The rest of the bar has very pleasant vibes, friendly staff, and skillful bartenders.

But one thing that most people complain about is the cramped environment on weekend nights, and the car parking is a big headache during these nights. That’s why I recommend you reach out earlier to enjoy your favorite drinks with famous Nashville live music. 


Which is the famous Midtown Nashville bar with a rooftop?

There are a lot of bars out there in Midtown Nashville, but only a few have rooftop facilities. Among all the Midtown bars, the Loosers Bar & Grill and the Pool Club are famous bars to enjoy drinks on the rooftop. 

Which Midtown Nashville bar offers games and amenities?

If you’re looking for the best bar to spend quality time playing games with friends, The Stillery Midtown, Dogwood Nashville, and Kung Fu Saloon are the best bars in Midtown Nashville that offer a plethora of games and amenities to have fun and enjoy. 

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